1 Going global: How to succeed in International Business! (29 pages)

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2 Global Management: A dance with icebergs

communist dictatorship and intrusive control of the state over peo-
ple’s private lives is over!

Third scene: An Austrian company enters a joint venture with

a French company to build a highway in Hungary. The business
language for this project is to be English. Just before the Austrian
project manager starts his job, he is warned by experienced col-
leagues to be careful when revealing confidential information; he
should be aware that his French partners speak German. Alt-
hough the French partners had not uttered a single word in Ger-
man during the entire project, when the project is finished, the
French employees in

deed bid “Auf Wiedersehen” using perfect

German phrases.

Last scene: A Western automotive supplier works with a Rus-

sian partner. In the first few days of the project, the German Gen-
eral Manager asks his Russian assistant to put together some
facts and figures that are relevant to the project and to create a
report. The assistant nods and leaves the office. Actually, she
does not understand what she is meant to do, and hence does
nothing. Her boss gets annoyed with her sloppy work ethic and he
starts to put pressure on her. The assistant feels that she is being
treated unfairly. She did not receive clear and detailed instruc-
tions, which she would have had while working for Russian man-
agement, so how should she know what she is supposed to do?

About Values and Business Cards

Globalization has many faces: Germans invest in China, Russians

buy Western companies, Arab hotel chains expand into European

markets, European producers outsource to emerging markets. A

book such as this one can be written in Austria, graphically laid out

in India and printed in the Czech Republic. The world economy of

Document rating:
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