1 Going global: How to succeed in International Business! (29 pages)

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8 Global Management: A dance with icebergs

Rogers, it is beyond doubt that the center

of power will shift. “The



century was dominated by the British Empire, the 20



was dominated by the Americans. In the 21


century, China is

positioned to become the world’s greatest economic nation



And it’s not just in China where people are striving for

greater prosperity, but also for example, in India. With a total
population of more than 1 billion, India has over 300 million people
who are comfortably middle class, and that figure is steadily in-


. Like countless numbers of Chinese, Indians are work-

ing hard at social mobility. India has more honor students than the
total number of kids living in the U.S


, is just one of the fascinating

facts presented in

Did you know

, a short video about the pro-

gression of information technology, made by American educator
Karl Fisch. It leaves no room for doubt that the world is drastically
changing. It is unfortunately beyond the scope of this book to dis-
cuss the economic prospects of the other BRIC-countries.

The increasingly important role of these countries in interna-

tional economics is raising their self-confidence. Here are a couple
of examples. In 2008, former UN Ambassador for Singapore and
professor of political science, Kishore Mahbubani, was asked by


magazine about democracy and human rights. His re-

sponse was, ultimately, that the time of indoctrination is over. In
Spiegel, he is quoted as saying,

“There was an abnormal era dur-

ing which the West dominated, colonialized and controlled the
world. This era is over now. Definitely over! Stop telling us how we
should run our society

”. And in August 2011, the Chinese Vice-

Foreign Minister Fu Ying told the world,

Even if you believe you


Jim Rogers, Investieren in China. So profitieren auch Sie vom größten Markt

der Welt. München 2008.


Cf. Volker Zotz, Die neue Wirtschaftsmacht am Ganges, München 2006.



Document rating:
  3.0 out of 5
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