AAC Language Goals How do I Use Apps Effectively Where do I Begin! (24 pages)


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Being a language builder is fun and exciting for Sarah. It helps her be
more specific about her thoughts, so she can get her point across more
clearly. Our aim is to help her to continue to build more language by:
1. Praising her for all communication and pointing out how great it is that

she is beginning to put two words together

2. Modeling two-word combinations when she provides a single word
3. Expanding upon what she says, so you give her ideas about what she

could say next time

4. Knowing where words are on her communication system, so you can

teacher them

5. Gently providing correction now and again when words are placed in a

funny order

Our aim is to foster language growth in a positive and motivating way by
respectfully leading communicators to the next step.

Document rating:
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