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ContacEZ Snap-On

After three years of
research, design, and devel-
opment, ContacEZ
announces the release of
the new, innovative
ContacEZ Snap-On
DiscGuard. The ContacEZ
Snap-On DiscGuard is
made in the USA.

This innovative new

design makes the disc
guard simple, easy, and
practical while minimizing
risk, ensuring patient safety
with slow-speed handpieces.
The plastic Guard easily
snaps on and off the disc,
increasing efficiency while
protecting the patients’
tongues, lips, cheeks, and
gums from spinning discs.

The ContacEZ Snap-On

DiscGuard fits discs up to
22mm, and is designed for
use with slow-speed hand-
pieces. The compact,
lightweight design allows
the dental practitioner to
perform the procedure

without obstruction or fear,
and the transparent plastic
allows for clear visual per-
ception around the
spinning disc. Once the pro-
cedure is complete, the disc
is snapped out of the
Guard, and the Guard can
be disposed of with normal
waste products.

ContacEZ offers compli-

mentary samples of the
Snap-On DiscGuard to
dental professionals who
wish to try this new
product. Please visit
sample-guard to request a
complimentary sample.
Further information can be
found on our website:

Gendex Celebrates Award-
Winning Line and New

Gendex, a leader in dental
imaging, showcased its full
line of digital imaging solu-
tions at the Chicago Dental
Society Midwinter Meeting
from February 20 to
February 22, 2014.

At the show, Gendex also

celebrated the recent
Dentaltown “Best

Panoramic X-ray” Townie
Choice Award received for
its GXDP-300 digital
panoramic and GXDP-700
panoramic, cephalometric,
and Cone Beam 3D sys-

Gendex also introduced

Invivo 5.3, a new edition of
the award-winning 3D
imaging software. The new
software allows users to
combine Cone Beam 3D
data with digital impres-
sions taken with an
intraoral camera or
CAD/CAM system. The
pairing of patient anatomy
datasets allows practi-
tioners to identify a
treatment plan that meets
both functional and aes-
thetic requirements.

Learn more about the

full line of Gendex products
at www.gendex.com.

Brightsquid Dental Link
Joins DenteMax’s MaxPlus
Program to Offer Secure-
Mail™ to its Network Dentists

Brightsquid Dental Link
announces it is joining
DenteMax’s MaxPlus


Program to offer its Secure-

Mail™ privacy legislation
compliant (including HIPAA,
email messaging system to
its more than 62,000 PPO
network dentists.

With over 3,000 users,

Secure-Mail™ is leading
the dental industry by pro-
viding encryption,
auditability controls, data
backup, secure storage,
data disposal, identity
authentication, emergency
access and unique user
identification. In combina-
tion with Brightsquid
Dental Link, Secure-Mail™
also gives you added con-
venience with the ability to
transmit, receive, store,
view and annotate the files
commonly used in these
• Compliant communica-

tion for health and
dental records

• Attach and share 500MB

per message including
common photo file types
like JPG, PNG, DOC,
PDF as well as large STL
3d images

• Zoom and pan on any

photo with full 3D rota-
tion in the Image Studio

• Works with your existing

email address

DenteMax network den-

tists can now register for
preferred pricing with their
annual subscription by vis-
iting www.brightsquid.com
and using the discount code


Industry News

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