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president’s message

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hat a brutal winter
it’s been for so many

of our AAID members, fam-
ilies and friends. Extremely
cold temperatures, com-
bined with rain, ice and
storm crippled many parts
of the US, particularly
those areas not accustomed
to these paralyzing condi-
tions. The term “Polar
Vortex” was new to many of
us (It isn’t even included as
a question in AAID’s Part 1
or Part 2 credentialing

In spite of the wintery

mix, your Academy’s offi-
cers, key AAID opinion
leaders, our AAID
Executive Director and key
AAID Headquarters’ staff
met all day in Chicago in
January to map out an
AAID Strategic Plan for the
next several years. The pur-
pose of our meeting was to
set goals for our great
Academy and develop objec-
tives and strategies to
reach our goals.

Strategic Planning Meeting

Our Strategic Plan Meeting
was moderated by an expe-
rienced outside consult, Mr.
Barton Tretheway, who has
years of experience working

with Fortune 500 companies
and non-profit organiza-
tions. Participants at the
meeting included our execu-
tive officers: Drs. John
DaSilva, Nicholas
Caplanis, Richard
Mercurio, Shankar Iyer,
David Hochberg,
myself. We were fortunate
to have Dr. Bernee
Chairman of our
A and C Board, as well as
Dr. Natalie Wong, past
president of the ABOI, and
Past Presidents’ representa-
tive, Dr. Fran DuCoin.
This mix of members
included both general den-
tists and specialists who
practice implant dentistry.
Dr. Da Silva, now vice dean
of Harvard University
School of Dentistry, Drs.
Iyer and Caplanis, all active
as faculty at various univer-
sity dental schools, shared
their insights into the aca-
demic environment, newer
dentists, specialty training
and Boarding procedures.

Drs. Dunson and Wong

provided insights into our
credentialing process and
the impact of female den-
tists practicing surgery. Dr.
DuCoin, not only a past
president, but also the
named plaintiff in AAID’s
successful law suit against
the State of Florida, gave
us historical insight into
previous AAID strategies
and how far our Academy
can grow.

I would be remiss if I did

not mention the enlight-
ening contribution of the
Headquarters’ staff with
their views into what is
working well within our
infrastructure of the AAID,
including our financial
strengths, constraints, and
what changes might be
helpful for betterment of
our organization.

The Committee set an

overarching goal for the
Academy: “To be the pre-
mier organization for
dental implant profes-
With that in
mind, the committee identi-
fied and prioritized
objectives in order to place
our focus on what is most
important to achieving this



David G. Hochberg, DDS

Executive Director

Sharon Bennett

Director of Communications

Max G. Moses

AAIDNEWS is a quarterly pubication of the American Academy of Implant
Dentistry. Send all correspondence regarding the newsletter to AAID, 211 East
Chicago Avenue, Suite 750, Chicago, IL 60611.

Please notify AAID and your postmaster of address changes noting old and new
addresses and effective date. Allow 6-8 weeks for an address change.
The acceptance of advertising in the AAID News does not constitute an endorse-
ment by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry or the AAID News.
Advertising copy must conform to the official standards established by the
American Dental Association. Materials and devices that are advertised must also
conform to the standards established by the United States Food & Drug
Administration’s Sub-committee on Oral Implants and the American Dental
Association’s Council on Dental Materials and Equipment acceptance program.

It is the policy of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry that all potential
advertisements submitted by any person or entity for publication in any AAID
media must be deemed consistent with the goals and objectives of the AAID and/or
ABOI/ID, within the sole and unbridled discretion of the AAID and/or ABOI/ID.
Any potential advertisement deemed to be inconsistent with the goals and/or objec-
tives of the AAID shall be rejected.

President’s Message

John Minichetti


President, American Academy of Implant Dentistry

see President’s Message p. 20

Restructuring of the
Bylaws and Governance

After much discussion, the
number one priority objec-
tive was to Restructure
the Bylaws and
Our Bylaws
and governance structure
date to more than 60 years
ago. Over the years, our
Bylaws have evolved to the
point where they are not
conducive to allow for
proper governance. In order
for our Academy to be in
step with current best prac-
tices for non-profit
organizations and function
in a more timely and effi-
cient manner, changes in
our Bylaws are warranted.

To accomplish this objec-

tive, we have put together

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