About Us

With our fast and easy pdf converter, you can convert your pdf document to html and post it on the Internet.

Currently, our base includes more than 1 million documents, with its number increasing daily. The documents range from old newspapers and magazines to How-To guides.

In just a couple of minutes, your uploaded document will be available to absolutely everyone in the world.

Our service is totally free. No hidden fees or premium accounts. We reserve the right to place ads on documents pages, though.

Your privacy matters to us!
If you don’t want your document to be publicly listed, you can set up password protection.

Although currently we only support PDF, more formats will be added very soon.
You can set your document to public or private or delete it from the server at anytime.

We used to publish How-To and Do-It-Yourself documents only. Now you are free to upload any docs, except for those prohibited by the international law or the laws of individual countries.