DAB 101—How do I apply for a land use application? (2 pages)

how do i apply for a land use application

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How do I Apply for a Land Use


The Pre-Application Meeting

The first step in any application process is to request a
Pre-Application Meeting. To locate a pre-application
meeting request form, click or paste the following link
into your internet browser:


The Pre-Application Meeting is free of charge and allows
prospective applicants to sit down with a planner to dis-
cuss the specifics of a particular piece of property. The
planner will outline any major areas of concern, explain
any applications required, and outline the process time-
line. The planner will also determine whether an LDTC

(Land Development Technical Committee) meeting is

needed. LDTC allows the applicant to hear from other
City agencies before submitting an application. Finally,
the planner will determine whether the applications
must follow the administrative review process or the

public hearing process.

Once all requirements discussed at the Pre-Application
Meeting are completed, the applicant may submit; the
applicant must schedule a time with the planner in ad-

vance of the submittal.

The Administrative Review Process

The flow chart to the left describes the administrative
review process; the public hearing process follows on
the next page. Once a completed application is submit-
ted with the required fees, the Internal Review Stage of
the process begins. During this stage internal and exter-
nal review agencies are given an opportunity to com-
ment on the proposed project. Additionally, neighbor-
ing property owners and residents within a buffer area
specified by the planner are notified. As part of this
process, the planner will compile all review comments
and provide a review letter to the applicant.

Upon receiving the review letter, the applicant is then

responsible for resubmitting plans that address the re-

Figure 1: Process for an administratively reviewed project.



Development Assistance Bulletin

General Information

view letter comments. Once all comments have been ad-
dressed, the planner will approve or deny the project.

Any administrative decision is appealable to the City Plan-
ning Commission. The appeal paperwork and required fee
must be filed with the Land Use Review Division within ten
(10) days of the final decision. The matter will then be

scheduled for the next regular Planning Commission Meet-
ing, which occurs every third Thursday of the month.

City of Colorado Springs

Planning & Development Team
Land Use Review Division

30 S. Nevada Avenue, Suite 105

P.O. Box 1575, MC 155

Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1575

(719) 385-5905

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