How AABB & AATB are Working Together (29 pages)

no one tracks like we do • please help us

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Is there a role for AABB

in the use and handling of allogeneic

and autologous tissue used f

or transplantation?


Yes – 72%


No – 28%


No (NOS)


“Responsibility belongs to the surgeons”


“Transfusion services can’t do it all”


“We already follow AATB standards”


Yes (NOS)


Specific implementation of



Educate members on existing



Accredit and assess


Define blood bank responsibilities


“Say blood bank shouldn’t be responsible”


“It Depends”


Don’t know


“State already inspects”


“Limit to what JCAHO asks”


“Limit to what we do now

(tracking, storage, etc)”


“No one tracks like we


“We do enough! Please

call the operating room.

Ask for the name of the

person responsible for

tissue. Then contact

them about standards

they need to have in

place. I don’t need this


Notable Comments

“Please help us!”


Document rating:
  3.5 out of 5
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