How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content (30 pages)

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How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content


progress, along with pre-packaged information on men’s
health, with their social media networks. Adam notes
that, “on average, due to social media, each one of our
participants shares or creates a conversation with more
than 2,400 people during the month of Movember.”

To keep things fresh and encourage repeat participation,
Movember creates a new campaign theme each year.
Everything from the logo, to the website, to their font
and colours changes annually. 2013’s rock ‘n’ roll inspired
theme, Generation Moustache, is very different from
last year’s vintage, “Movember and Sons: purveyors of
knowledge and fine moustaches,” branding.

Movember’s originality and social media focus also
appeals to large institutional donors who are keen to get
involved. Deodorant brand Speedstick, for one, created
a series of YouTube videos featuring the misadventures
of a clumsy man with a ‘Mo.’ In 2012, Mr. Clean – Proctor
& Gamble’s mascot who has his own Facebook and
Twitter profiles – featured a moustache in his profile
picture that grew with every ‘like’ it received. Every
retweet of his picture on Twitter generated a $1 donation
to Movember. For these companies, raising awareness
of Movember’s cause increased the popularity of their
own social media presence at a fast pace and a low cost.
Meanwhile Movember benefits by having a presence on
these channels which both generates new donations and
maximises their exposure.

Why It Works

Movember is an inspiring campaign in many ways and
a strong example of great, original content that has
been distributed effectively. “Movember works because
it’s not about ramming a public health message down
people’s throats,” observes Ross McCulloch, Founder of
Third Sector Lab. “Seeing more and more guys growing
their facial fuzz throughout November, online and offline,
is a constant, subtle reminder of various men’s health
issues and it gets people to openly talk about things like
prostate check-ups. The campaign’s fundraising total
speaks for itself.”

Ross also notes how Movember:

• Is naturally viral. Growing a moustache isn’t difficult -

almost every man can do it, so the barrier to entry is
low. This simple, clear ask - different to bungee jumping
or running a marathon - is a big part of Movember’s
runaway success. That ever-developing moustache
is social media gold, giving men ready-made visual
content for their Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram, and
Vine accounts. The fact that moustaches are incredibly
fashionable and equally humorous undoubtedly helps
the viral nature of the campaign.

• The target demographic are heavy social media users.

Movember’s key demographic is young and social
media savvy. Movember does not have the same

struggle that other causes do getting men to share
their experiences online. This young, male, tech-savvy
demographic has attracted big brand partners, such
as Gillette, ensuring a much wider reach for Movember
year after year.

• It gives men a sense of community. Movember filled

a massive niche. Men didn’t have a ‘Breast Cancer
Awareness Month’ equivalent until Movember came
along. This incredible sense of community amongst
Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, driven largely by social media
channels, is a big part of Movember’s success. This
sense of competition and support amongst men taking
part in Movember has led the campaign to come top
of the 2013 Third Sector Charity Brand Index - it’s now
one of the most talked about brands in the third sector.
Incredible given that it only runs one month per year.

Born of a creative idea and launched with virtually no
budget, Movember began as a fun competition between
friends and is now a worldwide fundraiser for men’s health
that continues to grow. It exemplifies how an idea can
spread initially through engaging social media networks.


• Make it fun - Don’t be afraid to find the light in

tough subject matter. Fun and inspiring can go a
long way.

• Be different – When creating new content, give

any and all ideas a chance. See how they might
fit with your goals and don’t be afraid to try
something new.

• Challenge – People like to achieve their goals,

and they like to push themselves for a good
cause. By setting goals for your stakeholders
that are within reach, and within a given time
period, they are likely to find it easier and more
fun to participate.

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