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How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content


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Bell Bajao Videos


uman rights organisation Breakthrough seeks to eradicate all forms of violence
against women. Its successful campaign Bell Bajao (“Ring the Bell”) encourages
men in India, and around the world, to take a stand and do just that. Five years from

its original launch date, the campaign is still going strong in India and has since spread to
China, Vietnam, Nepal, and Pakistan.

The Videos

Bell Bajao was designed to be both an online and offline
action-orientated campaign. Central to the campaign is
a series of videos that encourage a simple action: if you
hear domestic violence, go and ring the doorbell. All key
campaign videos depict men overhearing a woman being
abused behind closed doors. In turn, these men actively
intervene by simply ringing the doorbell of the home
where the violence is occurring.

Mallika Dutt, President and CEO of Breakthrough,
explains that “to reach as wide and diverse an audience
as possible, we decided to use video. Video reaches
people where they are. Our hope is that by reaching
newer and younger audiences in the spaces where they
already communicate and engage, we will awaken a
sense of interest and shared responsibility around issues
critical to their lives, and their futures.”

“Bell Bajao’s message — “ring the bell” — is simple, and
simplicity can be powerful,” continues Mallika. “A key
reason why Bell Bajao has been successful in India, and
has now spread to other countries, is that the campaign
is inviting. It calls on everyday people to become part

of something larger than themselves: a movement to
create safe, violence-free relationships, homes and
communities. The message connects with people in a
deeply personal way, and I think that is really the heart
of any successful ‘cause’ video.”

Spreading the Word

Since launching the campaign in 2008, Breakthrough has
created a dozen official campaign videos. These videos,
with their emotional subject matter and direct call to
action, are the very heart of the Bell Bajao campaign.
Breakthrough commissioned production companies
to produce and edit their 12 main videos. While they
work with professionals to make the official videos,
Breakthrough also creates simpler videos themselves to
ensure that they are keeping content fresh and giving
their stakeholders reasons to keep engaging with their
website and their YouTube channel. In fact, Breakthrough
gives equal focus to the production and the distribution
of all their videos – all of which are designed to amplify
the campaign’s messages and encourage action.

“As social media took off, we began
using Twitter and Facebook to take that
community conversation even further.
Our blog and social media presence
are pioneering examples of the digital
revolution in India — we opened up a space
for visible and accessible discussions over
the ‘private matter’ of domestic violence
in an unprecedented way.”

Mallika Dutt
CEO, Breakthrough

Document rating:
  3.0 out of 5
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