How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content (30 pages)

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How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content


Mallika adds: “The Bell Bajao website was built to
enhance the community experience of the campaign. We
wanted to create a space to connect, to share stories and,
critically, to find resources if you or someone you know is
experiencing violence. The Bell Bajao online community
developed very organically through the campaign and
has been going strong since 2008. As social media
took off, we began using Twitter and Facebook to take
that community conversation even further. Our blog
and social media presence are pioneering examples of
the digital revolution in India — we opened up a space
for visible and accessible discussions over the ‘private
matter’ of domestic violence in an unprecedented way.”

“Finally,” Mallika concludes, “having a robust and vibrant
web presence really enabled us to connect with people
outside of India. Very shortly after the blog took off,
we began receiving stories of people ‘ringing the bell’
in Saudi Arabia, in Pakistan, in Vietnam — we began to
hear that the campaign was taking off in places on the
other side of the world! It was the beginning of Bell Bajao
coming to life as a truly global campaign. The global
reach really drove the message home that violence
against women cuts across culture and geography.”

Why They Work

The Bell Bajao videos and accompanying website
successfully highlight the effects and signs of domestic
violence. They also very clearly suggest what can be
done if you encounter domestic violence as either a
victim or a bystander. The straightforward and very
visual, direct call to action and instructions are crucial to
the effectiveness of the campaign.

Flora Williams, Broadcast Manager at Carat, Europe’s
largest media network, says that the “use of video
really helps Bell Bajao make an impact, allowing the
viewer to connect personally with the message whilst
demonstrating the importance of the larger campaign.
The combination of information delivered on the website
and video content for an emotional reaction is enough
to stimulate viewers into action. The fact that the video
content is short keeps the viewer interested; we know
that viewers tend drop off the longer a video is and a
short length works as the main message is at the end.
Also, the use of subtitles and sound allows the video
to reach both native speakers and an international
audience – even just the tone of the voices brings out
the general message effectively, whether or not you are
a Hindi speaker.”

The videos are constantly being shared through a variety
of social media channels in large part because:

• The content and the length are just right. Each of the

videos is short (under two minutes) and to the point.
They very quickly set the scene, demand attention,
and capture the audience.

• True stories. Even though the campaign was initially

launched in India, the content is (sadly) universal.
Domestic violence happens all over the world and
across socio-economic spheres. You may be watching
a video meant for an Indian or Chinese audience, but
the problem and suggested actions are universal. This
encourages sharing across borders.

• Call to action. The campaign empowers individuals

by suggesting a very simple and direct action that
anyone can understand and do either by themselves
or in a group: ringing the bell.

Bell Bajao very successfully highlights a problem that
is not always easy to talk about and, just as important,
suggests a course of action that anyone can take to
help curb violence against women. The campaign was
designed to be holistic and it is in this comprehensive
approach, elevated by its engaging content, where its
success – from a social media perspective – truly lies.


• Keep it tight – Pay close attention to the length

of every video you produce. Long videos are not
necessarily bad; just remember that the longer it
is, the greater chance of drop-off. Ask yourself if
everything in the video needs to be there.

• Be prescriptive – Ensure that every video you

produce has a clear and easy proscribed action.
In other words, always have “an ask”. Even if the
ask is as simple as ‘subscribe to our YouTube
channel.’ You have a captive audience, take
advantage of it.

• Coordinate content – Mirror the themes,

messages, and asks in your videos across your
website and social media presence.

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