How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content (30 pages)

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How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content


Top Tips

Karla Geci


s Facebook UK’s Head of Media
Partnerships, Karla Geci helps a
variety of content creators and

publishers maximize their use of the
Facebook platform. She took time out to
share some tips on how you too can get the
most out of your Facebook presence.

What constitutes good content on Facebook?

Good content is anything that encourages people
to interact and share. Large photos tend to get
high engagement, but also pages with great banter,
insightful analysis, and interesting questions drive a
lot of interaction with their fans. It’s about figuring
out what works for your audience and tailoring your
publishing strategy.

What are the most effective ways you’ve seen
an organisation use Facebook?

I have three great examples: to mark their 100-year
anniversary, Oreo set out to celebrate ‘the culture of
the day’ for 100 days in 2012. Each morning, trending
news stories were given a playful Oreo twist and shared
on Facebook using simple page posting. This won them
the Cyber Grand Prix award at the Cannes International
Festival of Creativity.

Chase Bank worked with JustGiving to allow their
Facebook fans to tell them which charities they should
be donating to. By listening to their customers, they
drove meaningful engagement and conversation on their
Facebook Page.

And last but not least, the music station Classic FM
used Facebook to drive traffic to a cheeky photo gallery
containing the best insults ever heard in classical music.
This resulted in more than 50,000 likes on the Classic
FM website!

In your opinion, given the design of the
platform, what is the most Facebook-friendly
content that one can create and why?

Photos are some of the most clicked on pieces of content
and this is true on both desktop and mobile. Images that

are 600x600 pixels or larger are optimal. Also, get
creative with your images - the Downton Abbey Facebook
Page, for instance, uses images to share popular quotes
from the show and engage users with simple and fun
word search games.

Try experimenting with different types of content. Avoid
simply going through the motions and doing what you’ve
always done. And finally, remember to think about how
the story will look and feel on mobile devices.

Does Facebook content have to be Facebook
specific? In other words is putting out the
same content across multiple platforms a
good idea?

I encourage you to think about your users entire social
media universe and the ways they engage with your
brand on different platforms. Facebook is a powerful
distribution and discovery platform – which aims to
help users connect with the people and things they care
about. Instagram, for example, is a great way to create
beautiful images and videos that can then be shared
widely on Facebook. The most important thing to do is
to find out how to drive engagement with your content.
The answer may be a coordinated publishing strategy
that leverages the synergies between Facebook and
Instagram for instance.

Document rating:
  3.0 out of 5
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