How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content (30 pages)


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Something to Tweet About

How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content



In late 2012, Social Misfits Media published “About
that First Tweet,” a guide to help charities and social
enterprises integrate social media into existing
fundraising and marketing strategies. “About that
First Tweet” was so well received that, one year on, we
decided to release its sequel; and like all great sequels,
“Something to Tweet About” builds on the successes
and lessons of its predecessor.

With “Something to Tweet About” we’re helping charities,
NGOs, and social enterprises think about content. More
specifically, creating and distributing content that
actively engages those that matter most: beneficiaries,
volunteers, donors, staff, and others.

Great content doesn’t have to cost much more than
time: the time to create something that people will ‘Like,’
‘Tweet,’ and repost. This guide is designed to illuminate
the possibilities of what you can create (even with little
to no budget) and provide practical tips on how best to
share what you’ve created.

We’re grateful to Aegis Media for their sponsorship of
“Something to Tweet About” and to you, our reader,
for downloading the guide. I hope you find “Something
to Tweet About” inspiring and practical. Now go forth,
create, and be social!

Carlos Miranda

Founder, Social Misfits Media

Since the launch of our corporate social responsibility
programme, Future Proof, in 2010, Aegis Media has
focused on providing support to small- and medium-
sized charities. We believe local, grassroots charities
are best equipped to address local needs. Effective
communication is a crucial part of delivering their social
mission. That’s why we launched GlobalGivingTIME,
one of the first digital volunteering communities in the
world, through which our people help charities, NGOs,
and social enterprises around the globe improve their

But the world of media, marketing, and communications
is forever changing, and we need to ensure that we
provide the best support to charities in this rapidly
evolving world. With “Something to Tweet About” we’re
providing a practical how-to guide that focuses not on
how to communicate, but on what to say. Content that
actively engages those who matter most is an essential
element of effective communication in today’s world.

We hope this guide, designed as a useful, how-to
publication, provides inspiration to look anew at content
creation, curation and distribution, which is essential in
the social media world we live in today.

Frank Krikhaar

Global CR Manager, Aegis Media

Document rating:
  3.0 out of 5
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