How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content (30 pages)

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How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content


Top Tips

Ramya Raghavan


he newest of the major social media
networks, Google+ boasts some really
unique and exciting features. Ramya

Raghavan, Head of Politics and Causes
for Google+, ensures that charities and
nonprofits take full advantage of everything
Google+ has to offer. She shares with us
some practical tips on how to make Google+
work for you and your organisation.

Google+ is more of a new kid on the block than
some of the other social media platforms.
What are some of your unique features that
charities can take advantage of?

You can think of Google+ as your identity across
Google. And it has definitely been built to tie into other
Google products. I think two features of Google+ that
might be interesting to nonprofits are Hangouts on Air
and Communities.

Hangouts on Air are video chats where up to ten people
can participate. With the click of a button, you can
broadcast this conversation live on YouTube for the
world to see. After the Hangout on Air is completed,
it can be uploaded to YouTube so you can continue to
share the content with your audience. Hangouts on Air
are a great way to hold meetings, town-hall events, press
roundtables, debates, and more.

Google+ Communities gives people a venue to talk on
Google+ about their shared interests. For example, the
Crohn’s Colitis Effect created a Community where people
can discuss their personal experience with the disease,
while the World Wildlife Fund uses their Community to
encourage wildlife enthusiasts to share beautiful imagery.

I have little to no marketing budget, how can
my organisation be successful on Google+?

The great thing about Google+ is that you don’t need
a large marketing budget to be successful - all of the
features are free, including Hangouts on Air, which can be
a great substitute for expensive webinar, live-streaming
or video-conferencing software.

Given its design, what is the best type of content
that one can create and share on Google+?

Google+ is a really visual platform so posts with photos,
GIFs (graphics interchange format) and videos tend to
perform really well. High-resolution photos and videos
show up larger in your Google+ stream, giving them
even more prominence. The United Nations has used
this strategy to attract over 1.5 million followers on
their Google+ page. In addition, there is no character
limit on text posts on Google+ and we often find that
longer text posts spark more meaningful conversations
on the platform.

Is there a big difference between creating and
sharing content for Google+ for the desktop
versus mobile?

When you’re creating and sharing content, it’s important
to consider where your audience will be when they
consume it. For example, it’s easy to flick through photos
or text posts when you’re on the go with the Google+
mobile app. However, if you’re programming a Hangout
on Air, you may want to consider doing it at a time when
your audience may be at their laptop or smart TV so
they can really immerse themselves in the content and
watch for a longer period of time.

Document rating:
  3.0 out of 5
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