How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content (30 pages)

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How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content


How can I make sure that I’m using Google+
to take advantage of all the different products
in the Google ecosystem?

Practically, it’s important to use the same login and
password when setting up your Google account so
that you can make the most of how Google+ ties into
other products. This way, when you stream a Hangout
on Air on YouTube, the archived version will go on
your YouTube page. And soon Google+ will help power
YouTube comments so that viewers are seeing the most
relevant comments.

You should also be linking with Google for Nonprofits,
which provides a whole suite of tools specifically for
nonprofit organisations, like free ad grants, which can
help you market your work without a large budget.

What features does Google+ have that you
wish more people would take advantage of?

Google+ is integrated into Google search. If you’re on
Google+, your organisation can show up on our ‘nonprofit
knowledge panels’ when people are doing searches on
Google. When you search for a nonprofit organisation,
like Kiva, on, you will see information to
the right side of the search results that highlights the
nonprofit’s financials, cause, and recent Google+ posts.
You can start following the organisation on Google+
directly from the panel by clicking the Follow button.
To learn more about related nonprofits, click on one of
the organisations under “People also search for” and a
carousel of similar organisations will appear at the top of
the search results.

What are some of the most creative ways
you’ve seen nonprofits use Google+?

We love seeing how organisations innovate with our
platform and engage the community. We recently saw
Camfed launch a #GirlsEdu fundraising campaign to
send thirty African girls to school, with the help of the
Google+ community. They also integrated Google+ Sign-
In on their website to allow people to easily share their
donation with their Google+ Circles.

The Monterey Aquarium is a local organisation in
Northern California but they’ve used Google+ to reach a
global audience. They consistently post exciting images
and videos of the creatures that inhabit the aquarium,
giving people who can’t visit a vivid glimpse of what’s
happening. In addition, they regularly host Hangouts on
Air so that the public can ask questions of the aquarium’s
experts about different exhibits.

What are your top three tips for organisations
wishing to strategically use Google+?

One would be to think about your goals first and apply
the right social tactic to meet those goals. For example,
if your goal is to connect with press from around the
world, you might consider doing a press conference via
Hangout, to connect with reporters that you couldn’t
otherwise. If your goal is to rally your volunteers, you
might want to create a Google+ Community for those
volunteers so they can connect and share best practices.

Two, use hashtags. Hashtags are becoming an important
discovery mechanism on Google+ and in Google search.
For example, now, when people search a particular
hashtag on Google (say, #environment) they may see
a cluster of Google+ posts that feature that hashtag on
the right side of the search results page. Adding relevant
hashtags is a great way to get your content discovered
in the wider Google ecosystem.

And last but not least, lighten up. Some of the most
interesting posts we’ve seen in the nonprofit space
feature animated GIFs that help bring a cause to life.
For example, fashion designer Marc Jacobs created a
fun Google+ GIF to celebrate marriage equality. You
can create your own GIFs easily with Google+’s “Auto-
Awesome” tool, just shoot a series of photos in “burst
mode” on your phone or camera and upload to Google+.
Google+ will automatically turn them into a GIF!

“The great thing about Google+ is that
you don’t need a large marketing budget
to be successful - all of the features are
free, including Hangouts on Air, which
can be a great substitute for expensive
webinar, live-streaming, or video-
conferencing software.”

Ramya Raghavan
Head of Politics and Causes, Google+

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