How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content (30 pages)

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How #charities & #socialenterprises can create great #socialmedia content


Great Content

AfriKids’ Blog


ward-winning charity AfriKids created a blog to better engage their supporters and
friends with their work in Northern Ghana. AfriKids’ activities range from running
foster homes, schools, and a hospital, to tackling complex cultural issues like child

labour and trafficking.

The Blog

AfriKids launched their blog earlier this year because,
according to AfriKids’ Founder, Georgie Fienberg,
“setting up a blog was a way to give everyone in the
organisation a voice and a chance to share their views
and experiences as and when they happen. With over
170 staff across 17 projects in one country, working
alongside 12 staff on the other side of the world, the
stories come flowing thick and fast. Trying to cram the
news from the organisation into a monthly newsletter
meant that so much was lost.”

The AfriKids team, in both London and Ghana, update
the blog several times a week with a mix of human-
interest and opinion posts; they also include plenty of
pictures and links. Their posts range from celebrating the
achievements of AfriKids’ beneficiaries to commentary
on the UN’s plans for post-2015 development goals.

The blog’s primary objectives are to keep existing
supporters informed with what’s going on at AfriKids and
show new donors and visitors what they do, how they do
it, and their impact. “We use the blog’s content to drive
new audiences to our website with a view to spreading
the word and generating interest in what we do.” Georgie
says. “This ultimately leads to new partners and donors –
the lifeblood of our organisation.”

Spreading the Word

AfriKids knows that updating their blog isn’t the only step
– it won’t directly lead to people reading it. Liam Nolan,
AfriKid’s Fundraising and Communications Manager,
explains how analytics have helped hone when they post
and how they use social media to raise awareness:

“Using analytics (Facebook Insights, Twitonomy, and
Google Analytics) we’ve been able to look back and see
what posts get the most interest from different sources.
Our more light-hearted and ‘fluffy’ posts such as events
news, beneficiary case studies and letters from supporters,
generate more interest from Facebook than from Twitter.
Facebook can be more informal and personal and people
use it in their own time, so we target our posts in this way.
While people use Twitter in different ways, it’s easy for us
to find the right people to target our more serious thought
pieces at. In the past we’ve used hashtags to enter into
debates, such as recent conversations about charity
efficiency and the ‘overhead myth’. We’ve also written

“AfriKids supporters are generally most
active on Facebook in the afternoons
and early evening so we’ll promote posts
towards the end of the working day.”

Liam Nolan
Fundraising and Communications Manager, AfriKids

Document rating:
  3.0 out of 5
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