HOW DID AA BEGIN? (2 pages)

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also decided at this time to publish
a book which would serve as a text

book for those seeking rehabilitation
through the spiritual approach.

With these plans in mind and with

the long range view of carrying on
whatever was wise and necessary to

promote this cause, it was decided to
form an un-incorporaled, non-profit,

charitable organization under the

laws of the State of New York. This
organization would have general su-

pervision of the work, and could

accept such contributions as might

be made.

Upon advice of attorneys and

after considerable and thorough con-

sultation with alcoholics and the in-

terested non-alcoholics, it was de-

cided to form what is known as a
Trust. The legal forms were drawn

up and on August 11, 1938, the first

meeting of The Alcoholic Founda-
tion was held.

(Editor's Note: Other brief chapters

on the evolution of A.A. will appear in

subsequent issues.)

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