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HDI –6 Color Family Product Rating Requirements

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April 12, 2012

BOD Approved

How Do I

Get a Color Family Product Rating?

In order to have Color Family


products rated by the CRRC, a company must first become a CRRC Licensed Seller or Other

Manufacturer, which is separate and distinct from CRRC Membership (see How Do I Become a Licensed Seller or Other
). Once a company has been approved as a Licensed Seller or Other Manufacturer (together a “Licensed
Roofing Company”) and issued an ID number, it is then eligible to apply for product ratings.

This document describes the two-part process by which a Color Family Group


is established and then populated with Color

Family Elements


. Part 1 below outlines the process for applying for a Color Family Group within a given binder/resin



, which includes rating a Color Family Representative Element


, and Part 2 below outlines the process for rating

Color Family Additional Elements.

All referenced forms and agreements are available for download from the Product Rating Program section of the
CRRC website,

. For more complete details about the CRRC Product Rating Program, please refer

to the Product Rating Program Manual (CRRC-1) and Procedure 3: Color Family Program.

What Is a Color Family and Color Family Group?
The CRRC’s Color Family Program was created only for metal products and their coatings (factory-applied coatings). A
Color Family is a pre-defined color space with set default solar reflectance and thermal emittance values. The CRRC has
defined seventeen Color Families, which are shown in Table 1 below. A Color Family Group is a group of products (one or
more) that a Licensee rates with the CRRC that fit within one of the Color Families. All products in a Color Family Group
are listed in the CRRC’s Online Product Directory using the default values from Table 1 (not the values measured by the
testing laboratory). The benefit of using the Color Family Program is that the Licensee only has to age test one product for
each Color Family Group.

How to Establish a Color Family?
In order to establish a Color Family Group, a Licensee must first rate the Color Family Representative Element


. The Color

Family Representative Element is tested for initial and aged radiative properties by an Accredited Independent Testing
Laboratory (AITL) as with a Standard Roofing Product, and the values must meet or exceed the default values for the Color
Family, shown in Table 1 below. Additional products to be submitted into an already established Color Family Group are
called Color Family Additional Elements. Color Family Additional Elements must also be tested for initial radiative
properties by an AITL, but aged testing not required (see Part 2 for a more detailed explanation of why). All Color Family
Elements must be tested for Hunter “L”, “a”, “b” values. To be considered a Color Family Element, a product must have
Hunter “L”, “a”, “b” values that fall within the appropriate Color Family range and have solar reflectance and thermal


Color Family:

A CRRC pre-defined range of Hunter “L”, “a”, and “b” color values that establishes the color space for a CRRC pre-defined set

of eighteen colors.


Color Family Group:

One or more Production Line Roofing Products that are factory coated metal Roofing Products, that are rated by one

CRRC Licensed Roofing Company, that have the same binder/resin technology, and that have color properties and Radiative Properties that

fall within the ranges established for the respective CRRC Color Family. All Color Family Elements within a single Color Family Group are

assigned the same CRRC Product ID number.


Color Family Element

: A uniquely formulated Roofing Product that is CRRC-rated as a member of a Color Family Group and that is either a

Factory-Applied Roof Product Component that serves as the top coating on a factory coated metal Roofing Product or a metal Roofing

Product that has as its top coating a Factory-Applied Roof Product Component.


Color Family Binder/Resin Technology

: General class of Factory Applied Coatings used in metal Roofing Products which are defined by

the family of related binder/resin chemicals used to formulate such coatings.


Color Family Additional Element:

A Color Family Element that is not the Color Family Representative Element.


Color Family Representative Element: A Color Family Element that is used to initially establish a Color Family Group.

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