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Publication Date: 3 January 2008/ID Number: G00153798

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• Cognitive


Anthropology (the study of how cultures grow, develop and interact)

• Participant


• Sociocultural


• Linguistic


• Archeology

Game design (the study of game rules, rewards, consequences and outcomes)

• Game



• Player


• Game


• Cooperative


8.1 Recommendation for CRM Managers

Develop new skills — such as psychology, sociology, anthropology and game design — to
attract, connect with, contribute to and gain insight from personas and virtual environments.

9.0 Sell to the Persona Bot — With a Bot of Your Own

In 2017, the "persona bot" will be mass-adopted (with more than 20 million active persona bot
users in the U.S. alone; and more than 10 million in the rest of the world). A persona bot is an
automated, personality-infused, self-learning, self-replicating, virtual representative that will be
used as a tool to facilitate life events, from tactical to strategic.

The drivers of this mass-adoption are primarily the persona bot's time-shifting/time-saving
capabilities, as well as its capability and authority to carry out tasks on the user's behalf. The
persona bot's strength will be its capability to be at many virtual places at once, seeking vast
amounts of territory, while filtering back and reporting on relevant information.

Persona bots will use technology such as natural language algorithms, artificial intelligence,
emotion detection and predictive analytics/reporting. Companies will develop and people will
purchase persona bot shells, and will populate them with their own personal information. People
will have sole control over their persona bots, and their information will be heavily encrypted.

Our sample persona, the 40th-level half-elf, can use persona bots to facilitate all four stages of
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs:

• The persona bot, acting on the elf's behalf, will take care of mundane tasks, such as

shopping for food and clothes, buying insurance and paying bills. This will enable the elf
to spend more time on self-actualization goals, such as personal growth and fulfillment.

• A future persona bot role will facilitate safety and social needs by virtually exploring and

living out a life process, such as interviewing for a job or virtual dating, and then
reporting what it might be like to actually take the job or meet that person in the real

• Another role will be a "persona explorer," where the persona bot goes outside certain

aspects of the elf's "comfort zone" and discovers facets of the world or self of which the

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