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Publication Date: 3 January 2008/ID Number: G00153798

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elf wasn't consciously aware. For example, the persona explorer goes hang gliding and
reports back to the elf that he would've been afraid of heights and, therefore, should skip
the activity. During its journey, the persona explorer also may discover a villa in Mexico
that has fantastic scenic views. The elf books the real-world villa vacation in Mexico,
having "discovered" something that he wouldn't have known otherwise.

Just as the customer will have a persona bot, companies will have their own automated bots for
critical relationship handling, such as sales, customer service and marketing. By 2010, more than
15% of B2C Fortune 1000 companies with Web sites will use chat bots for online customer
service. Top drivers, such as a 24/7 presence and the capability to communicate domain
expertise, will help customers navigate their way toward purchases.

Many companies already use text-based hybrid bots to initiate automated conversations with
customers. These hybrid bots alert a live representative to take over as soon as a lead is
secured. Eventually, companies will need to develop an interaction process involving a fully
automated persona bot gathering information from a fully automated company bot.

9.1 Recommendations for CRM Managers

• Develop a strategy, processes and technology around customers deploying persona

bots as tools for exploration.

• Develop processes and technology for company bots.

• Start on a small scale by linking a chat bot to an established online knowledge base or

FAQ section. Identify specific interactions on your Web site that can be automated
because of a large numbers of repetitive or similar transactions. Ensure that you have
the right knowledge and processes in place to automate them, and ensure that you
create and implement maintenance processes and procedures.

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