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Registration and Continental Breakfast




Keynote #1 Jon Stetson

10:00-10:45am Exhibition
10:45-12:00pm Breakout Sessions A


Management Track

Differentiate and Thrive In A Competitive Marketplace

Will Phillips and Eddie Tock, REX Roundtables for Executives

Learn 3 core competencies to success

10 Steps to thriving not just surviving

Understand what 2 components are more important than strategy

Creating sustainable performance


Fitness Track

A Step by Step Plan To Implement Group Training

Greg Mauer, New Paradigm Partners

Attend this session to learn: keys to pricing small group training and instructor compensation; specific steps to cre-
ating effective small group training internal and external marketing for your club; and a proven sales strategy for
your club’s group training. You’ll also learn about various equipment based and program options and how to deter-
mine which is best for your club. You’ll walk away from this session understanding what your club should be earn-
ing from Personal Training and Small Group Training based on your club’s membership base; the three key factors
that any group training program must have in order to be successful; and a strategy to keep your group training
programs successful and growing after the initial program launch.


Medical Track

Getting Doctors To “Buy In”

Bill Sonnemaker, Catalyst Fitness

If Exercise is Medicine and Dr’s write prescriptions why is there a disconnect between Dr’s writing prescriptions
and.... If Exercise is Medicine then why is Exercise not being prescribed and dispensed, where Is the disconnect?
In this session Attendees will learn the top reasons why Dr’s do not prescribe exercise and the top ways in which to
get Dr’s to buy into Exercise and prescribe it to their patients.

MACMA Annual Conference, How To ‘Amp’ Up Your Club, July 12th

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