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Management Track

There’s A Hole In My Bucket. . . . How To Prevent Members From Leaving

Maria Parrella-Turco, New Paradigm Partners

In this seminar you will learn key strategies that will help you optimize members’ usage, results, and relation-
ships, which are the three key factors in maximizing retention. How to properly integrate, service and retain mem-
bers will also be take a ways from this impactful presentation



Fitness Track

Metabolic Conditioning: The New Way To Train

Fabio Comana, NASM

P90x™, Crossfit™ - You know the names, but what are they all about? Metabolic Conditioning is hot, and while
many fitness professionals grasp the concepts driving these training philosophies, many misconceptions exist in
understanding the real physiological principles that deliver safe and effective programs for success without injury
or attrition. Although metabolic conditioning varies by purpose, for most it involves strategies to boost metabo-
lism, burn more calories and transform the body from fat-to-fit, but are they snake-oils or do they deliver results?


Medical Track

The Baby Boomers Are Coming ! Are We As Fitness Professionals REALLY Prepared
For This Lucrative,Yet Medically Challenged Market?

Amanda Harris, ACAC

Baby Boomers are an emerging market for Fitness Facilities all over the country. Their doctors are imploring them
to exercise and many have both the time and the money to do it. But these people do not come to us looking only
to “lose weight and tone-up.” Their health may be complicated by metabolic disease, joint disorders, chronic pain
and even cancer. Are personal trainers ready to appropriately care for these clients? Are we willing to risk it?




Keynote #2 Dr Bryan Williams




Breakout Sessions B

Join Us for Happy Hour 3:45-4:45

Come celebrate the day with the new contacts that you have

made! Have some fun, unwind and win raffle prizes.

MACMA Annual Conference, How To ‘Amp’ Up Your Club, July 12th

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