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Eddie Tock, REX Roundtables for Executives

Eddie is a Partner with REX Roundtables, a global organization that runs executive
mastermind groups for over 100 business owners and chief executives that share Best
Practices. Each group has up to 15 members that meet 3x per year for 3 days. REX
currently has 8 roundtables in the U.S. and in 2012 is adding 2 more. REX has proven
to be a highly effective way to rapidly produce significant improvements to revenue
and profitability. Over the past 5 years, the top 25% of fitness businesses in a REX
Roundtable have an average EBITDA of 24% to 40%, as compared to a 17% industry
average. Ed is a top speaker for the Club Industry Shows, IHRSA Conventions and has
been a faculty member for IHRSA’s Institute for Professional Club Management. As
an industry leader, marketing and sales training consultant, he has worked with over
1000 clubs worldwide including 142 PRE SALES since 1983. Ed was formerly a part-
ner in Sales Makers for 21 years, winning the IHRSA Associate member of the Year!

Bill Sonnemaker, MS

Bill Sonnemaker MS, is an internationally sought after Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer,
and Educator. Bill's impressive credentials, first-class scientific education, and numerous na-
tional and international awards distinguish him as a cutting edge leader in the fitness industry.
In 2007, Bill received both the IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year and the NASM
Pursuit of Excellence Awards. He is recognized worldwide by his peers in the health and fitness
industry as a highly motivated and committed leader and advocate for the advancement of fit-
ness professionals’ training and competence standards. Bill holds a MS in Performance En-
hancement and Injury Prevention. He has obtained advanced specializations and certifications as
a Performance Enhancement Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Certified Strength
and Conditioning Specialist. He earned these and additional certifications through PTA Global,
He is the Founder of Catalyst Fitness, Georgia’s only fully accredited and medically recognized
Personal Training and Performance Enhancement facility.

Will Philllips, REX Roundtables for Executives

Will Phillips is the founder of REX Peer Groups for Club Owners
and Executives. Over 120 club owners from the largest chains in
the US, Europe and Australia to single locations clubs are in REX
Peer Groups. REX members perform from 20 to 30 % above in-
dustry averages year after year.

Conference Presenters


ABC Financial




Creative Insurance



Performance Foods


Power Plate


Power Systems




Susan K Bailey Advertising

Les Mills


Life Fitness

TRX Training



Please join me in thanking our Conference Exhibitors. We could not have this conference without them !

MACMA Annual Conference, How To ‘Amp’ Up Your Club, July 12th

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