How to 'connect' micro-regions with macro-regions? A Note (9 pages)

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Sub-national regions (micro-regions) and supra-national regions (macro-regions)

appear as disconnected concepts in the academic literature. They are studied by distinct

academic communities between which there is very little communication. In this Note,

three ways are suggested to ‘connect’ the two phenomena and it is argued that a dialogue

between the two communities could open new avenues for research and lead to a better

understanding of inter-polity and inter-economy relations, in a more general sense. In this

exploratory Note it is suggested that micro- and macro-regions can be connected (i) at the

conceptual level, (ii) through their similar roles as emerging international actors, and (iii)

through the interplay between macro-regions and cross-border micro-regions



Regions, micro-regions, macro-regions, international actor

Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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