How to fabricate a bite index? (1 pages)

how to fabricate a bite index

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How to fabricate a bite index?

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A bite index ensures that the prosthesis remains well-positioned and the jaws stabilized at the time of scanning.
The height of the index is defined by the vertical overbite. Make sure to create an open bite with no overlap in the horizontal plane.

Tip: Do not throw away the bite index after the scan is taken
When sufficient teeth remain present in the SurgiGuide, the bite index can be reused to accurately position the
SurgiGuide (totally edentulous mucosa-supported cases only).
When an Immediate Smile model is ordered, the bite index can be used to articulate the bone model and
prosthesis duplicate.

Insert the cartridge in the dispenser gun and install
the mix tip.

Make sure the mix tip is locked properly.

Inject the material directly onto the patient’s occlusal
surface. A layer of 5mm is usually sufficient.

Gently guide the patient to close his mouth into the
desired position during the 30 seconds work time.
Instruct the patient to maintain his bite one minute.

Remove the bite index from the patient’s mouth.

Trim excess material with a sharp instrument.







Document rating:
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