How to Make a Medicinal Herbal Decoction? (1 pages)

how to make a medicinal herbal decoction

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How to Make a Medicinal Herbal Decoction

You received a medicinal herbal decoction to support your healing in body, mind
and spirit. The raw herbs are the most potent form of the medicine as they are
directly from the earth, they are not diluted by becoming a powdered form. The
synergy of cooking the herbs together strengthens this medicinal decoction.
Another benefit is for your wallet; this is the least expensive form of the medicine.
If after creating your brew, you find it too time intensive or bitter to taste, just let
us know. We can present this in pill or powder form for you.


Grab a 2 or 3 quart saucepan, rondeau, or stock pot.
The size, doesn't really matter, except for ease. If you use a stock pot, you'll
probably only need to brew two times; with a saucepan, you'll brew three times.


Fill the pot up with ¾ water and add the herbs. Soak if you have time.
The herbs expand and sometimes bubble on cooking, you'll be glad for some extra
room. If you have time, let them soak overnight, or for a few hours. If you have an
acute medical concern such as a cold or pain, begin cooking immediately.


Bring to a boil, boil for about ten to fifteen minutes. Thereafter, turn off the heat
completely and let it cool down to room temperature. Depending on the formula,
we may ask you to add certain ingredients at the end of the boiling. For example,
leaves often have delicate essential oils that can be damaged by intense heat.


Drain off the herbal decoction through a large strainer or colander
Catch the herbs in the strainer and allow the tea to pool into a container for
refrigeration. As the liquid may still be hot or warm when you store it, we suggest
using a heat-stable container such as steel or thick glass mason jars.


Place both the herbal decoction tea and herbs into the refrigerator
Use two separate containers to store the wet herbs and the herbal decoction tea in
the refrigerator. The herbs and decoction will keep for four days in the refrigerator.


Drink your tea
Instructions: Drink _____ cups; ___ times a day; before, with, or after, meals.
You can warm it up, or drink it cold. Sometimes it's more palatable cold.


When you've run out of your herbal tea, it's time to boil another batch.
Begin again. You can cook the herbs about three times to receive their best
medicine. You will be able to taste the dilution in potency over the three rounds of
brewing. At the end, you can discard or compost the herbs.

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