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2.a.2.- Pedagogical strategies for teaching the New perspective of transparency

Transparency as a value that strengthens democratic republican political culture of a country, has

been the fundamental orientation to teaching strategies focus more to a kind of transparency

regarding the sanction and implementation of laws on access to information, whose main

objective is to incorporate the principles and internationally recognized standards in the legal

system of the country. These include, among others: the maximum aperture of the information,

the definition of the set of exceptions that limits access to information in specific cases, the

proactive disclosure on the part of state agencies without waiting for accessibility requirements,

and the effective implementation of laws, and monitoring of compliance (Baena Olabe, Cruz

Vieyra, 2011).

On the other hand there has emerged a new approach that links the design and implementation of

systems and procedures in sectors or specific areas of intervention, regardless of the existence of

a general law of access to information (or focused sectorial approach).

For sectorial approach means the promotion of access to information through the design

and implementation of systems or access mechanisms in sectors or specific intervention

areas such as education, justice, development, implementation and control public

budgets, financing of political campaigns, or extractive industries, regardless of the

existence of a comprehensive regulatory framework for access to information. A central

feature of this approach is the recognition that each sector has vulnerabilities own

functioning and dynamics, which determine the contents and forms of intervention to

promote access to information (Baena Olabe, Cruz Vieyra, 2011: 9)

In this sense, this approach rather than a principle would be a device that makes the policy

increases the likelihood of success. "Fortunately, the laws and policies that require companies to

provide information have emerged in several policy areas in recent decades. In other work, we

called these measures Targeted Transparency, as not only are intended to provide general

information, but specific audiences, such as better schools, hospitals and high-quality care and

consumer products "(Fung and Weil; 2007: 109). The first generation of transparency was

Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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