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characterized by openness of all government information to all citizens to fulfill a fundamental

political right. Today that openness should focus, so that certain processes, procedures, and

specific social sectors to improve and benefit from transparency.

The targeted transparency is a response to the need for specific benefits information and to

demand greater order in the information provided by the government. This type of transparency

requires the government to standardize and publish specific information, seeking to solve a

specific social problem, and stimulate market mechanisms to achieve a specific social benefit.

Targeted transparency policies imply that: 1) the focus is on user information (their needs,

interests and abilities to understand information) and 2) are based on the needs, interests and

publishing capabilities of civil society organizations public and corporations. Thus, the main

objective is to influence the decision making ability of the users of the information (Fung,

Graham & Weil, 2007). In this definition it is argued is that an actor (usually the government)

tells another actor (a corporation, company etc.) To disclose information for a specific purpose

for people to use it. Thus is the state that ultimately decides the legitimacy and credibility of the

provision of information. The targeted transparency then be characterized by mandatory public

disclosure, aimed at corporations or other private or public organizations, information

standardized, comparable and fractionated, with emphasis on specific products or practices and a

clear public purpose.

This new approach leads to new teaching schemes raise transparency, given today transformation

processes in information technology teaching techniques would be focused on the achievement

of competencies, skills and knowledge different.

Table 3

Didactic approaches to the study of transparency in the Open Government

Pedagogical strategies

Sectorial Approach (Targeted Transparency)


The case studies serve to describe a real
situation in which a decision must be made
public (Kennedy School of Government,
Harvard, Case Program, "Learning by Case

 Focus on mechanisms, systems and procedures

that allow access to information in different areas
and sectors of government.

 Results in the short term or medium term, and

specific impact on critical sectors.

Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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