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transparent relationship between citizen and government whose central feature is the ability of

the government to focus its work on what matters most to people, and give them services. Seen

this way, you need the kind of leadership change government authoritarian solutions provider

that uses its authority only for making public policy decisions to a government that creates

environments and contexts in which citizens make collective problems facing to decide together

what they want to do (Moore, 1995).

In this sense, expresses the same Moore (1995) that the negotiation, public deliberation and

political agreement become necessary tools for agreements on what is more valuable to society

as a whole. And it is based on social learning-idea-associated deliberation and leadership actions

that citizens can devise solutions and mobilize action. "This aspect may be particulary important

when the “solution” to a public policy problem requires many individuals to invent their own

adaptations to the problematic realities they face –including a recognition that they can no longer

be insulated fom the problems by powerful others” (Moore, 1995:183). Creating public value

through collaborative participation implies that in this process are presented different

perspectives that can help make decisions makers a more informed decision. Thus, citizens

should be familiar with public officials to facilitate better treatment of common problems

constituted as the most desirable policy options. It is then to redefine the public interest in terms

of dialogue. On the one hand see the opinion of the people as a citizen and public official's main

role will be to serve and facilitate the participation of, and in collaboration with citizens.

2.b.2.- Intergovernmental collaboration

Who do we mean Intergovernmental Collaboration? We understand this component, for the

purpose of specifying the model of Open Government, as the management of intergovernmental

relations or administrative coordination can occur, both federal governments, as unit. The socio-

economic, political and social changes that have been occurring in recent years have created a

different set of restrictions and demands on the government's vertical. These changes have

affected the intergovernmental management include:

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