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First, the increasing scope of activities which cuts across a sector, changing views on the role of

government and creating interdependence between orders of government as well as public-

private interdependence, focusing on results;

Second, new management skills that makes the changes described above locate new demands on

governmental officials, and;

Third, the international expression of these changes have coincided with the development of

what has been called the New Public Management and democratic governance. But what are the

instruments of intergovernmental relations?

Given the complexity of the bonds generated between intergovernmental actors and performance

criteria of the Open Government could identify four such instruments of government (Beryl A.

Radin, 2008):

1. - Structural instruments. These have to do with formal roles and relationships, authority and

leadership models, rules, regulations and policies of formal roles mechanisms for integration and

differentiation. Aspects such as the design and redesign of organizations that impact forms of

authority and leadership classics performed by long time other committees structural instrument

are shown on the horizontal level of centralized power to change the decentralized instrument

also have coordination and efficiency, this means making it easier to manage both the vertical

and horizontal intergovernmental relations.

One important tool is deregulation also expressed in rules, policies and regulations to control and

intergovernmental relations that serve to enhance accountability (accountability). Another

important tool is the devolution of power (devolution) and decentralization. That is, the

delegation of power from the national government to the states and the municipalities of these.

Or NGOs.

2. - Instruments program. This category of instruments relates to the application of resources and

the redesign of programs and types of transfers from the central or federal government to states

and municipalities. In many cases these have emerged as a result of lobbying by states and

municipalities. This has led to major changes in the purpose of the transfers. Another instrument

is the partnership program (partnership) on priorities and incentives enter the different levels of

Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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