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government, and of these with the private sector (PPP: Public-Private Partnership). While

municipalities and states traditionally have been partners in the intergovernmental arena, now

generates a new form of partnership in response to the tensions inherent in intergovernmental

relations. They share ideas, information and other resources to generate specific public actions.

Also another instrument in this category refers to the collaboration we based it on that lone

agency or service system cannot effectively respond to a set of requirements submitted. The

interagency collaboration partners expected to lose total control of resources in favor of a group

of processes and resources, funding and implementation and evaluation of new services.

3. - Instruments and research capacity building. It involves building the capacity of

empowerment at all levels of government would be considered just as instruments capabilities.

The tools in this category are research, information dissemination, training and other forms of

capacity building and technical-bureaucratic skills. For example, research in public policy is

crucial to help promote interagency coordination.

4. - Instruments behavior of intergovernmental relations. The vision of accountability requires

attention to the processes of individual and group communication and processes that deal with

conflict management:

- Conflict prevention in an intergovernmental context draws attention in building

consensus among stakeholders of the policy arena.

- In intergovernmental relations in an environment of scarce resources and political

uncertainty, demand openness in government interactions


2.b.3.- Public-Private Partnership

What is the Public-Private Partnership? The New Public Management brought administrative

reform that emerged in response to the growing problems forced the government operation

linked to the purpose of being faithful to their public mission and try to do it effectively and

responsibly (Aguilar, 2006). In this context, the New Public Management can be defined as the

inclusion of private sector practices in the public sector. These practices were taking different

Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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