open government - Freddy Mariñez Navarro (38 pages)

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services, the authority is also a challenge to safeguard the transparency of service provider

networks, as well as to direct and regulate the relationship between service providers and users.

Mark Moore tells of several elements in the new form of Public Private Partnership. First, the

microacuerdos. "What we mean by this, ... rather refers to private agreements between officials

of private organizations on the one hand, and public officials on the other. Officials who control

both the property and represent the interests of specific public and private agencies seeking to

cooperate and reach agreements through which both sides of the transaction can do better (on

their terms) than either alone "(2006 ). Second, the public-private negotiation as a key aspect of

the partnership between the two. And third, the process that occurs regularly in the institutional

context. So then, ".. the simplest partnership between private and public sector is one in which

the government starts with a well-established public purpose and then seek help from the private

sector to achieve that purpose" (2006: 7). Here the public sector regulatory emanated is essential.

To give an explanatory sense given the two axes (transverse and management) use the following

table summarizes the performance criteria of open government:

Document rating:
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