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2.b.4.- Application pedagogical strategies axis of management

Teaching for axis open government management is one of the fundamental challenges.

Three elements are important for the implementation of teaching strategies in this view of

government. First, being collaborative citizen participation, we find two aspects, one

displayed to the role of citizens within their rights and other the benefit of citizen

participation in government as a public services providers. The second element is the

question of intergovernmental cooperation, which is explained by the different

collaborations and cooperation or partnership as both intergovernmental and intra-

organizational, and the last element management shaft open government is the public-

private partnership.

Of these three elements of Open Government, we present some criteria for making sense

from a viewpoint



Professionalization of teachers for research Open Government

Improving research in the classroom

Fostering of critical analysis of both teachers and students

Understanding of phenomena associated with the new configurations of states and


Study of public ethics linked with the new processes of transparency

Study of the phenomenon of collaboration

Given the above stated, we propose the following teaching strategies: lecturing, Role-

playing simulation,

Group project assignment,

Assigned reading and class, Field trips, and

Case Studies.

1.- Lecturing:

According to the Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Stanford, “Traditional

lecturing can be an effective way of communicating information and demonstrating

processes; however, it’s always a challenge to maintain the active interest of an often sleep-

deprived audience for such a long period. Even if it’s been some time since you were an

Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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