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undergraduate sitting through a large lecture, simply consider what it takes to sustain your

interest at an academic talk—then imagine being tested on the talk afterwards- While the

lecture material may seem inherently fascinating to the lecturer, even highly motivated

listeners lose concentration periodically and must find ways to reengage themselves with

the lecture” (

2.- Role-playing simulation

Based on the perspective given by

Phil Bartle

in his dynamic

Role playing and Simulation

Games. A Training Technique (

). Role-

playing, or "learning through acting", is a technique that requires participants to perform a

task in a realistic situation simulating "real life". This type of exercise is an effective

means to take in and absorb the content and substance of new ideas. It facilitates an active

understanding of the information and gives participants the opportunity to apply new skills

and abilities. The simulation serves as a rehearsal on how to conduct future activities. By

recreating models of real situations, which "play out" a problematic scenario, the

participants are given the opportunity to see the situation from perspectives other than those

they might be taking in reality. Both the participants and the facilitators have an

opportunity to see "hidden obstacles" that may arise in dealing with the problem and can

then explore alternative ways of addressing them. The participants not only rehearse their

own behavior in a particular situation, but also have the opportunity as a group to evaluate

how effective the staged resolution of the problem actually was.

Role-playing is one of the effective methods to learn and gain experience. An individual is

likely to remember their personal feelings more intensely and for a longer period of time.

The role game helps to analyze how people behave in a certain situation, how to evaluate

and predict their reactions. Therefore, to gain the maximum effect from the role game,

proposed situations should be as close to reality as possible.

3.- Group project assignment

Project Assignment groups are used to assign many users quickly to project tasks. In the

Outline view or Edit tasks/phases view of the project, “Assignment group” is hyperlinked

Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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