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to a list of the users included in the group. The same user can belong to different

assignment groups. Assigning a group to a task has the same effect as assigning the

individual members of the group.

If a group is functioning well, work is getting done and the construction processes of group

to create a positive atmosphere. In good groups individuals can contribute differently at

different times. Cooperate and human relationships are respected. This can happen

automatically or at different times, individuals can do their job to keep the atmosphere and

human aspects of the group. The idea is to create a project-media group by following these


- Create a multimedia work that you can present to the class. The work can be on a

topic and in a format of your choice, but all group members must agree on both the

topic and format.

- Include at least two of the following forms of media: images, video, sound,

animation, text, graphics.

- Be sure that your presentation lasts between 1 and 5 minutes.

- Be sure that you can publish your work in digital form without breaking

o copyright law.

4.- Assigned reading and class

This strategy helps students focus readings with the idea of rescuing and secondary key

ideas of the text and present it to the group.

You can also create reading aids or activities

that help students do the following when they read (Anne R. Reeves, 2011):

Identify what the author expects the reader to know or understand already, and

find out about it if necessary. This may be as simple as looking up the meaning of

unfamiliar terms or as complex as reading other material to learn something about

the context of what is being read.

• Identify the work the author expects the reader to do, such as filling in gaps,

making inferences, noting contradictions, visualizing, imagining, suspending

disbelief, and putting facts together.

Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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