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And this makes it particularly important. The case does not provide solutions but concrete

data to reflect, analyze and discuss in group the possible solutions that you can find to some

problem. “The quality of the class discussion depends ultimately, however, on the quality

of the students preparation and participation in class. You should think of your class as a

team of colleagues that has been asked to work together to solve a challenging problem”

(Case Program Kennedy School of Government, 1986).

Table 6

Pedagogical methods of Axis of management

Axis of management

Pedagogical methods

Collaborative Participation

Role-Playing simulation
Group project assignment
Assigned reading and class
Case studies

Intergovernmental collaboration

Group project assignments
Case studies

Public-Private Partnership

Field trips
Case studies

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The research progress on Open Government are deepening, and international organizations

have taken in both research agendas of their proposals to their governments. From the

views supported by the Center for Studies Tecnhology in Government from the University

of Albany and the Open Government Working Group, to academic research such as Albert

J. Meijer, Teresa Harrison, Sharon Dawes, Beth Noveck, César Calderón and Sebastian

Lorenzo among others, the concept based on the axes as transparency, participation and

collaboration has been a constant, in which the latter is the dynamic aspect from the policy

Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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