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(1987:89). In the case of Open Government is important to the process as a set of ways to act and

operate on data or phenomena that are repeated in different areas of the curriculum such as the

summary, the modalities of schemes, the summary table, the underlining, annotation techniques

or concept maps, serving on the application and teaching of different disciplines.


Teaching methods have become very important elements when teaching open government and

public administration given to new approaches on public service are being developed. It is a fact

say that the teaching of public administration today is divided into two branches, one which aims

to teach only managerial aspects and activities of government directives and another, extending

its borders articulating teaching activities management with the new settings on government

relationship society. Thus, issues such as Open Government, Governance and Government

Network constitute key factors for the adoption of more active teaching methods such as

Lecturing, Seminar discussions, Group projetct assignment, Role-playing simulation, Asigned

Reading and class presentations, Written assignment, Case studies, Film and tutorials and Field


Communication tools in e-learning

Email: is an asynchronous communication tool that allows you to send messages to course

participants. This is usually the most widespread medium for tutoring through Internet.

Forum: is an asynchronous communication tool, which allows queries and emails sent, can be

resolved and / or observed both by students and by teachers. A Through this tool the tutor can

organize debates, answer questions, call Chat, etc.

Chat: a synchronous communication tool that allows participants in a training activity to

communicate in real time. All persons in the Chat can read the messages of others at the time.

Facebook: is a kind of social network that allows generating groups for sharing information


Twitter: a network that creates short length messages to a group of people (people network =


Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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