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As an exercise in search of excellence in teaching public administration


the United Nations

Department of Economic and Social Affairs /International Association of Schools and Institutes

of Administration (IASIA) in the Final Report Task Force on Standards of Excellence for Public

Administration Education and Training (2008), establish clear criteria to incorporate capacity,

knowledge, and skills

building curricula in Public Administration:

a.- Public sector ethos: all education or training programs produced for the public sector

should contribute towards the development of individuals with a true public sector ethos

who can be characterized as being knowledgeable about and understanding the

importance for an effective public sector of:

- Democratic values

- Respect for individual and basic human rights

- Social equity and the equitable distribution of goods and services

- Social and cultural diversity

- Transparency and accountability

- Sustainable development

- Organizational justice and fairness

- Recognition of global interdependence

- Civic engagement

b.- Public sector skills: education and training programs preparing individuals for the

public sector should enable (with respect to the goals and the level of the program)

those participating to build personal capacities for:

- Analytical and critical thinking

- Dealing with complexity

- Flexibility

- Dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity

- Operating in a political environment

- Building high performing organizations

- Involving other groups and institutions in society to realize policy goals

- Life time learning

- Applying life experiences to academic and training activities

Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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