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Moreover, another trend is identified Open Government conceived as a management model. This

line is explored in this research, as this approach goes beyond the technological change. It also

explains that Open data, or better known as open data, comes to revolutionize the concept of

transparency as it had been implemented. Having information that can be transformed to a

greater end to interest, resulting in a new relationship between information producer and

recipient thereof.

If part of the definition of Meijer, Curtin and Hillebrandt (2012), in that open government is the

measure by which citizens can monitor and influence government processes through access to

government information and access to sand the making of decisions, then, from this opening, we

could say that the production of data and information has value in itself. This is due to the reason

that a fact in itself is nothing, until they meet various data which are then converted into

information. Also, if this information we are able to give interpretation, then we would talk about

knowledge. Maybe that's the spirit of Open Data. "The data themselves offer no value what you

have to give them meaning to become valid knowledge and value to others. Seen this way, it is

the essential purpose of the Open Government "(Linares, 2010: 62). Guardian Orta (2010)

presents a definition of Open Government as "the political doctrine that holds that the activity of

the government and state administration should be open to all levels to effective public scrutiny

and oversight. In its broadest conception opposes reason of state legitimacy as a state secret

certain information citing security issues. "(2010:76). The definition of Calderon and Lorenzo

also makes contributions to the topic of Open Government when they say that this is one "who

engages in a constant conversation with citizens to hear what they say and ask, who makes

decisions based on their needs and preferences , which facilitates collaboration of citizens and

officials in the development of its services and communicating all that decides and acts openly

and transparently. "(2010:11). Another vision is Alujas Ramirez (2011: 100) who makes it clear

that the term Open Government is not new and was first used in the British political arena. In its

original conception was a government that sought to "open the windows" of the public sector to

the public scrutiny, in order to combat government secrecy and reduce bureaucratic opacity.

Taewoo Nan (2012), University of Albany, has concluded through empirical studies that “Two

buzzwords currently infiltrating the public sector are Open Government and Government 2.0. On

the trajectory of e-government development, Open Government and Government 2.0 seem to be,

Document rating:
  3.7 out of 5
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