The 2013 AAF-Kansas City ADDY® Awards (25 pages)

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Broadcast, Audio Visual or Computer Presentation Entries

All video and audio assets for ADDY Awards entries must be submitted as digital uploads via the online ADDY entry
site. DVDs and CDs are NO LONGER ACCEPTED (except in Categories 40 A, B & C), and will not be judged. File
must be 16x9 H.264 high-res video format.

This entry procedure applies for all TV commercials, radio commercials, infomercials, webisodes, Internet
commercials, digital summaries for non-traditional, mobile app and integrated campaign categories.

In every case, the digital filename MUST include the entire ADDY Entry number in this format: XX-XX-XXXXXX.

All entries containing video and audio assets must also submit an entry form HARD COPY prior to your club’s
published ADDY deadline to ensure eligibility. Follow the online entry directions to print and submit your entry forms
after uploading is complete.

Video sales presentations and infomercial entries must submit an edited representative content of NO MORE THAN
five minutes in length
. The edited entry must be uploaded as a digital video file.

Digital Advertising

For Website and all online entries, submit the URL addresses. For multiple URLs in a campaign category entry,
create a webpage that contains each of the individual links and provide the single URL to your newly created page,
i.e.- Do not submit a URL that leads directly to a “swf” file.

Judging will be done online, using the URL whenever possible. URLs should not require any username or
password for access. In cases where this already exists, the entrant should create an independent URL. URLs,
banners and menus must not contain any references to the entrant.

For Disk-Based Sales Packages, submit on CD/DVD. Do not submit executable files that will attempt to install a
program on the judging computer(s). Executable files cannot be judged and will be disqualified without
reimbursement of entry fees.

Shipment of Entries

Entries and entry fees should be sent or delivered to the AAF-KC office at 1722 Main Street, KCMO. All entries
become the property of AAF-KC and will not be returned. Do NOT send original or irreplaceable artwork. It will
NOT be returned.

Forwarding of Winners

Only work that has won a Gold ADDY or a Silver ADDY in a local ADDY competition will be eligible for entry into
the District competitions. Only work that has won a Gold ADDY or a Silver ADDY in a District ADDY competition
will be eligible for entry into the National ADDY competition.


If your entry wins a Gold ADDY at the AAF-KC ADDYs, it will be automatically forwarded to the district
competition with fees paid by the local AAF Chapter. Should the entry win Gold again at the district level, it
will be forwarded to the national competition with fees paid by the district.

If your entry is awarded a Silver ADDY at the local or district level, you have won the right to compete at the next
level of competition and may choose to pay the applicable entry fee in order to be forwarded. You will be contacted

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