The 2013 AAF-Kansas City ADDY® Awards (25 pages)

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with information regarding your entries that qualify to be forwarded to the next level of competition, entry fees, due
dates and how to submit payment.

The rules, divisions and categories defined here serve as the official policy for the AAF ADDY competition
and replace all others from previous competitions. The name ADDY Awards, ADDY and the trophy to which
this name refers are protected by a registered trademark owned by the American Advertising Federation. The
AAF competition rules, category format and the ADDY Awards competition name should be used at all levels
of the competition.

“Real” Advertising

The expressed intent of the ADDY Awards competition is to recognize and reward creative excellence in the
legitimate everyday workplace of advertising. Occasionally, an entry is submitted that appears to have been created
outside the conventional agency-to-client-to-media marketing structure; as if the entry was created solely for the
purpose of winning an award. This type of work is not accepted. All entries, with the exceptions of Public Service
Advertising, Advertising for the Arts and Industry Self-Promotion, must have paid for the creative services and media
placement in the normal course of business.

“New” Creative

To qualify as new creative, the copy must be completely different from that used in any previous ads. The same
headline with different body copy does not qualify. Changing dates, locations, times, savings, etc., does not qualify.
The illustration or photography can be the same, but the copy (thrust and content) must be new. Some ads present
little or no copy. In the instance of no copy (other than time, location, and other basic information data), an ad with a
previously used illustration does not qualify. If questionable, the final decision rests with the local, district and
ultimately the National ADDY Committee (NAC).


Should a question arise relative to the eligibility or legitimacy of any entry, the entrant agrees by his/her signature on
the entry form to furnish the necessary documentation for review by the National ADDY Committee. Failure to do so
can be grounds for disqualification without refund of entry fees.

Judging Procedures

Judging will be conducted in accordance with the guidelines found on the website. Decisions of judges and
the NAC, including eligibility, qualifications and appropriate category placements, are final.

Geographic Considerations

Entries may be entered into only one local ADDY Awards competition, which is determined by the location of the
agency at which the work was created. In addition, the piece MUST be entered under the Geographic
Considerations of the entrant. In Elements of Advertising, entries may only be entered in the CBSA, DMA or MSA in
which it was created by the original creator of the work, not the agency who commissioned the work. If an affiliated
competition does not exist in the CBSA, DMA or MSA, the district will direct the entrant to the nearest affiliated
competition. {Although not recommended, the entrant, if other than the agency/creator, may choose to enter the
work on behalf of the creator (examples include, but are not limited to: photographers, illustrators, printers,
production companies or clients). In this case, the entrant's address will determine into which local show the work is
entered. It is important, however, that the parties communicate to ensure the work is entered and eligible in only one
market. Should a conflict arise and work is entered without knowledge in two markets, the NAC defers to the rights
of the creator in all cases.}

Document rating:
  3.3 out of 5
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