The 2013 AAF-Kansas City ADDY® Awards (25 pages)

special awards • mosaic addy award

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Special Awards

The NAC recommends that local and district shows not allow work entered in the Industry Self-Promotion or Public
Service Categories to be eligible for Best of Show consideration. The NAC suggests the creation of local, district
and national Public Service Special Judges Award.

The NAC has revised the suggested method for selection of best copywriting and best art direction in the show. The
NAC suggests that local and district shows charge their judges to select the best art direction from all Gold ADDY
winning entries in the show. These pieces may receive special judges awards or Gold ADDYs as such.

Mosaic ADDY Award

The National ADDY Committee is committed to recognizing advertising which promotes diversity and issues related
to multiculturalism. At the national ADDY level, all Gold and Silver winning pieces will be screened for relevance to
these issues. The most exceptional piece(s) will be eligible for selection by judges to receive a special Mosaic
ADDY. The NAC strongly encourages local and district ADDY shows to adopt this policy.

Special Awards, such as Public Service, Mosaic and art direction do NOT have to be Gold or Silver ADDY winners
to be considered.

Expanded Category List with Definitions


Product or Service Sales Presentation. Printed promotional materials for products and services whose distribution
comes from means other than traditional mass media. Given the nature of these categories, it is advised that a
pocket be constructed and inserted into the envelope so that the entry is secured, but can be easily removed.

Catalog. A printed piece - usually a booklet, folder or brochure to sell products or services via a “call for

action” and a procedure for ordering and/or buying.

Sales Kit or Product Information Sheets. An informational package (folder, binder, envelope, box, etc.),

usually with multiple inserts/sheets designed to advance the sale of a product/service and could include: the entire sales
kit, container and inserts; the container wrapping itself; or one or more of the sales sheets, minus the container. If you
enter a piece in this category, you may not enter it in the Brochure category (7 A, B or C). You must choose one or the
other, but not both. If there are additional pieces included to make a brochure a sales kit, then it can be entered into

Printed Newsletter. A printed editorial communications device (single or multiple page), including house

magazines, published more than twice a year, with distribution to a specific audience (usually internal) including
news or updated information. Newsletters for Advertising for the Arts, Public Service and Industry Self Promotion
should not be entered here, but into their respective categories.

Menu. A list of options available to a diner, shopper, user, etc.


Campaign. (2 - 4 of the above)

Packaging. The container, cover or wrapping for a product.

Single Unit


CD or DVD. Includes game covers.


Campaign. (2 - 4 of the above)

Point-of-Purchase (POP). Promotional advertising or display unit that attends the product or service at the specific
sale location.

Counter Top or Attached. A POP piece that requires additional support or elevation for proper product or

service presentation, including product hangtags.

Document rating:
  3.3 out of 5
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