The 2013 AAF-Kansas City ADDY® Awards (25 pages)

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eligible in the Out-of-Home categories.




Campaign. (2 - 4 of the above)

Special Event Material. Promotional and/or informational items, usually relating to a specific event/affair at a given
location, date, time, etc. This category does not include Advertising Industry Self Promotion, Public Service or
Advertising for the Arts & Sciences. They must be entered in their respective categories.


Card. Special event greetings (holiday, birthday, etc.) relating to a current and/or calendar item or event.


Invitation. Attracts attendance to a special, “non-sales” type event (weddings, openings, parties, exhibits,

baptisms, bar/bas mitzvahs, etc.).


Announcement. Used to communicate information of a special nature (birth, death, moving, opening, etc.).


Campaign. (2 - 4 of the above)


Anything that is mailed via USPS or delivered via special courier (private, FedEx, etc.) with the purpose of eliciting,
provoking or effecting a consumer reaction (response card, phone number to call, order form, sale/event dates, etc.)
should be entered in the appropriate direct marketing categories. Mere mailing of a piece does not necessarily make
it direct marketing. The method of shipment (self-mailer indicia, envelope, etc.) MUST be evident and included with
the entry.

Business-to-Business or Consumer, Single


Flat. Defined as any printed sheet or sheets, flat, folded or bound printed material.


Three Dimensional (3-D)/Mixed. Includes single or multiple pieces, and the container and its contents.

Dimensional also includes “pop-ups” that might mail flat, but take on dimension in their final forms. Entries typically
include some element/item (other than paper) as part of the marketing message (premium item, baseball, ink pen,
etc.) which is included as PART of the message. The method of shipment, (box, envelope, etc.), MUST be evident
and included with the entry.

Business-to-Business or Consumer, Campaign. (2 - 4 of the above)





Specialty Advertising. Specialty and/or promotional items with advertising messages, including: pens, pencils,
shirts, calendars, umbrellas, paper weights, place mats, garment bags, key chains, “credit-type” cards (usually
contain a scan strip, such as phone cards, gift cards, etc.), other gift-type items, etc.




Other Merchandise


The outdoor display of advertising messages, notices or events, commonly associated with standardized wooden or
metal structures, that are delivered to mass (outdoor) audiences on sidewalks, streets, roadways, etc.

Outdoor Board


Flat. Includes outdoor posters, outdoor boards, outdoor painted bulletins, outdoor vinyl posters or bulletins

and site walls.


Extension/Dimensional. Boards that extend beyond the basic rectangular board.


Digital or Animated. Includes digital or animated outdoor, or any unit that has movement or change.

Includes closed circuit broadcasts, such as commercials run on a jumbo-tron at a sporting event.

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  3.3 out of 5
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