The 2013 AAF-Kansas City ADDY® Awards (25 pages)

non-traditional advertising • consumer or!trade publication

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Super-Sized. Any outdoor board which goes beyond traditional standards or surfaces.


Vehicle Graphic Advertising. Impressions/messages that are displayed to the public, usually via the use of

panels on the side, front, back, top or bottom of vehicles (cars, trucks, wagons, etc.). Includes advertiser
identification and/or promotional messages and vehicle wraps.

Mass Transit/Public/Airline. Advertising of the poster or banner variety displayed via panels or inserts inside
and/or outside public transportation vehicles (airplane, bus, train/rail, street car, subway, taxi, etc.).
16A Interior. Placed inside a mass transit vehicle.
16B Exterior. Placed on the outside of a mass transit vehicle, including taxi-toppers.

Site. Interior or exterior signage that is restricted to malls, airports, train/bus stations, places of business, bus
shelters, etc. Does not include posters described in category #9, or signage in the outdoor or transit categories.
17A Interior Animated (with motion)
17B Interior Still or Static
17C Exterior Animated (with motion)
17D Exterior Still or Static



Out-of-Home Campaign. (2 - 4 Out-of-Home pieces from categories 15A - 17D)

Out-of Home Self-Promotion. Any out-of-home effort to promote an out-of-home advertising service provider.
19A Single.
19B Campaign.
(2 - 4 of the above)


Non-traditional Advertising — also defined as alternative, buzz, grassroots, guerilla, viral or word-of mouth
advertising. It is generally defined as an unconventional way of performing advertising and/or promotional activities.
Examples of non-traditional advertising would be advertising on window clings, street stickers and stencils. Please
note that some entries entered into this category may fit into a traditional category and will be moved to the
appropriate category. Non-traditional entries MUST be accompanied by proof of usage.

Entries in this category may also be accompanied by a written or digital (video) summary not to exceed 250 words
(written) or 90 seconds (video). Digital summaries must be submitted by uploading the video file via the ADDY online
entry software.

20A Single
20B Campaign


Frequency of publication may be annually, bi-annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, etc.

Advertising that appears in periodic publications whose circulation/distribution is made to the general public, and/or an
unspecified industry target audience.

Advertising that is placed in periodic publications whose primary circulation/distribution is aimed at a specific trade
or industry target audience (dealers, distributors, jobbers, manufacturers, etc.) within the various Standard Industrial
Classification (SIC) codes.

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