The 2013 AAF-Kansas City ADDY® Awards (25 pages)


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:60 or more. Commercials that consume more than 30 seconds of airtime.


Campaign. (2 - 4 of the above)

Radio Self-Promotion. Radio commercials created by, or for, a radio station, advertising a radio station, should be
entered here.


Single. A single commercial of any length (local or regional/national) created for, or by, a radio station.


Campaign. Two to four commercials, of any length, with the same theme for the radio station.


Commercial audio and video messages conveyed to the prospective/target consumer public by the seller of a
product or service via a broadcast, cable or satellite transmission.

Local, Single
A single (one) TV commercial that is broadcast on the station(s) of one market (no more than one DMA). TV
commercials broadcast on stations in more than one DMA (even if placed on only one station in each of two DMAs)
do not qualify as “local.” If no competition exists in a DMA, the District will direct entrants of correct entry procedure.


:15 or less. TV commercials that consume 15 or fewer seconds of commercial airtime.


:30. TV commercials that consume between 16 and 30 seconds of airtime.


:60 or more. Includes all TV “direct marketing” commercials that are longer than one minute, but not included

in the “Infomercial” category #49.


Campaign. (2 - 4 of the above)

TV Self-Promotion, Local (one DMA)
TV commercials created by, or for, a TV, cable or satellite station and run local only, no more than one DMA, should be
entered in this category.
46A Single. A single commercial of any length created for, or by, the TV, cable or satellite station.
46B Campaign. Two to four commercials of any length, with the same theme for the TV station.

Regional/National TV, Single Product/Service
A single (one) TV commercial placed/broadcast in more than one market (DMA) during the competition time frame.
If a TV commercial extends past one DMA (two or more), it is defined as regional/national.
47A Products. The products only, not the sellers or dealers. May include cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational
vehicles, manufacturers, fashion, sportswear, casual wear, lingerie, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, health
and beauty products, medications, foodstuffs, meats, produce, confections, snacks, dairy products, beer, wine,
liquors, drinks, water, tea, milk, coffee, sports beverages, home electronics, computers, household products,
appliances, toys, sporting goods and other retail products.
47B Outlets. Includes, but is not limited to: retail stores, department, specialty, furniture, discount stores,
restaurants, fast-food chains, specialty, franchises, supermarkets, convenience stores, mini-marts, grocery stores
and other food retailers, automotive/boat/ motorcycle sales and rental, online retail sites, virtual store fronts on
websites with online catalogs, sometimes gathered into a virtual mall, etc.
47C Services. May include media, cable companies, TV networks, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, travel
and tourism, cruise or airlines, hotels, resorts, destinations, entertainment, lotteries, amusement parks, movie
promos, sports teams, casinos, hair salons, cleaning, employment, auto services, exercise spas, telephone
companies, telephone directories, cellular service providers, pagers, long distance services, internet service
providers, professional services, financial, legal, banking, investment services, brokerage firms, credit cards,
insurance services, healthcare services, healthcare facilities, doctors, HMOs, company image, self-promotion,
recruitment services, energy or utilities, natural gas companies, electric companies, political, religious, lobbying,
special interest, etc. (not public service).

Regional/National TV, Campaign

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