The 2013 AAF-Kansas City ADDY® Awards (25 pages)

integrated campaigns • advertising for the arts & sciences

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48A Products
48B Outlets
48C Services


Infomercials. Any local, regional or national television advertising message that consumes five or more

minutes of airtime.

Cinema Advertising
50A Movie Trailers
. Commercials for an upcoming film shown before or after a movie.
50B In-Theatre Commercials or Slides. Any other commercial or slide shown on screen before or after a film.


Integrated Campaigns must consist of two to four executions and two to six media.
• Integrated = two to six media.
• Campaign = two or more ads or commercials for the same client, with a common theme.
Although an Integrated Campaign might include many ads or commercial components spread over several media,
submit no more than SIX media, and no more than FOUR executions per medium for judging. The total
ads/commercials per Integrated Campaign entry can total no more than NINE. No matter how big a campaign or
media schedule, there is a minimum and maximum number of each to qualify. Campaigns which include self-
promotion pieces from Out-of-Home, Newspaper, Trade Magazine, Consumer Magazine, Radio or TV may be
entered here.
(This category also includes integrated branding campaigns.)

Integrated Campaign entries that contain one or more of these elements: Social Media, Digital Apps, Non-
Traditional may be accompanied by a written or digital (video) summary not to exceed 250 words (written) or 90
seconds (video). Digital summaries must be submitted by uploading the video file via the ADDY online entry


B-to-B, Local. Integrated ad campaign (two to nine common theme ads) placed in one market.


B-to-B, Regional/National


Consumer, Local


Consumer, Regional/National


Advertising created for activities, events and programs in any of the following:

• Any type of music, dance or visual arts (painting, sculpture, crafts, film, video or computer art, etc.).

• Drama (theater and/or alternative

space performances).

• Arts education, learning programs, classes, special events for the arts.

• Operas, symphonies, concerts, plays, art exhibits, craft shows, film festivals, art museum exhibits, ballets, etc.

• All types of museums, zoos and galleries.

All Advertising for The Arts, regardless of whether or not the agency creative and media placement were paid,
must be entered in this category, and does not qualify in any other. The individual creative elements may be
entered, however, in the Elements of Advertising categories.

55A Stationery Package

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