The 2013 AAF-Kansas City ADDY® Awards (25 pages)

elements of advertising

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The goal of this category is to recognize only the creative execution of individual components of an advertising entry
(illustration, photography, music, logo, etc.). Each entry in this section MUST include a sample showing how the
element was actually used in the advertising message. For print entries, a sample should be included in the entry
envelope. When submitting a logo, if the type of company is not evident or obvious, it is recommended to include one
or two words explaining the type of business the logo represents.



73A Logo.
An icon, symbol, or trademark designed to represent a product, service, or organization.
73B Illustration, Single Flat or Dimensional (any number of colors)

73C Illustration, Campaign
73D Photography, Black & White
73E Photography, Color
73F Photography, Digitally Enhanced.
Photographic images whose content has been digitally altered to create
a new image (often creating an image not possible using traditional photo techniques). Utilitarian photo retouching,
color correcting or photo editing alone does not qualify an image for this category. A sample of the original photo(s)
MUST be supplied for proper judging.
73G Photography, Campaign
73H Animation or Special Effects

Cinematography. Cinematography is defined as the art and process of creating motion picture images

including considerations of lighting, photography, camera movement and angle.


Any composition of original music or sound elements that serve as a bed or background and/or otherwise heighten,
accent or strengthen the advertising message. In the case of “full sing” jingles, the “sound” entry may be the
commercial itself. Entries must be music that is custom-composed for advertising, or audio/visual sales promotion.
Entries may be no longer than 60 seconds, except for audio/visual entries, which may run up to five minutes.
74A Music Only. Any musical score only (no lyrics) for broadcast commercials (pre/post scores) and music
created/composed for specific audio/visual sales presentations.
74B Music with Lyrics. Any music with sung lyrics, created/composed expressly for advertising. Syndicated
materials, including “re-sing” jingles and library music, are not eligible for entry.
74C Sound Design. Any combination of non-musical elements, sound effects, ambience and other sonic
devices incorporated into a film or video presentation, television commercial or radio commercial to enhance the
mood and/or message.
Digital Creative Technology
75A Interface & Navigation.
This category recognizes achievement in the creative use of tools, features and
overall design of websites and apps in the area of user navigation and interface.
75B Responsive Design. Entries will be judged on overall site design and the quality of the user’s experience
when viewed using different devices (browsers, tablets smart phones, etc.)
75C GPS & Location Technology. Creative use of location technology to advance or improve the principal
purpose of the site or app.

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