The 2013 AAF-Kansas City ADDY® Awards (25 pages)

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Kansas City-Only Categories
78 Second Chance. Entries that didn’t win last year but you feel are so strong they deserve an award. This is the

only category in which work from 2011 is eligible.

79 Great Work that Never Ran. We’ve all been there – pitching our greatest idea ever to a client, only to have them

shoot it down. This is the place to enter those.

80 Event/Experiential Marketing Tour. Multi-date/multi-location submissions.
81 Event/Experiential Marketing Event. Single date/single location submissions.
82 Event/Experiential Marketing Environmental Experience. Integrated effort that encompasses a complete

experience at an established permanent or semi-permanent location designed to provide consumers with a
sensory brand experience. Could include architecture, fixtures, personnel gear/wear, environmental collateral,

85 Personal Work. Any work that was personally produced and was not created for a client (internal or external) of

entrant’s agency or company during 2012.

88 Specialty Printing. Creative use of ink, finishes, die cuts, enhancements and/or functionality as produced during

the printing process.

89 Broadcast Media – Editing. Creativity during editing to include, but not limited to, effects, filters, transitions, green

screen effects, motion effects and use of graphics.

Document rating:
  3.3 out of 5
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